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As believers we have personally experienced God’s saving, life-transforming grace and call to local church community. In the light of this we seek to pursue 5 key priorities that outlook through the CentreChurch program and beyond in our city and area:

Glorify God

Reach out in grace

Activate giftings and service

Connect in relationships

Empower through Biblical wisdom


We seek to be a local church who engage with our world in Christlike grace and truth so that others may respond to the Good News of the Gospel and personally experience God.



CentreChurch seeks to provide a loving spiritual family environment for all who choose to attend and participate.

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Net Groups

Here at CentreChurch we have a variety of small groups called Net Groups that cover different age ranges and life seasons.

Meeting fortnightly in homes around the city.


Net Groups follow the pattern of the Early Church in Acts 2 where the Christians met not only in the Temple but in the homes. Such small group fellowship provides opportunity for sharing and growing in faith together, building friendships and supporting one another in practical ways.

Net groups are a vital part of our overall church vision in complementing the large Sunday gatherings, in helping build community and outreach across our city.




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Host Team

The Bible had numerous references to hospitality in connection with spiritual experiences and CentreChurch desires that everyone be warmly welcomed and befriended as they attend our church. From the welcome at the door through pre-service coffee to the morning tea afterwards, an atmosphere is built to help people feel welcomed, cared for and connected. We desire our church to be a safe place of grace!


This service ministry comprises:

Welcome team to greet people as they arrive and befriend them in the foyer

Pre-service team to make free tea/coffee available before the service

Hospitality team to provide morning tea after the service

Barista coffee team to make quality coffee available at our Sunday morning services (free for visitors!)



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We are all called to be followers of Jesus but God intends for this to be in the context of Christian community. The ‘One 2 One’ mentoring strategy is designed to provide personal care, support, encouragement and advice for the challenges of an individual’s journey of faith.


What is ONE2ONE?

Our ‘One 2 One’ and Peer Mentoring program operates in parallel with the church program by private arrangement.

More experienced Christians are paired with less experienced ones (men with men, women with women) by mutual agreement and these pairs arrange to meet every 6 to 8 weeks for encouragement in discipleship.



 Our Program

Our program is designed to offer variety, opportunity and support across the demographics to inspire and equip all for successful Christian living. The regular Sunday services (9.45am & 5.30pm) provide the core context for worship, input, connection and outreach.

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CentreChurch Program


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CentreChurch Ministries

How we serve you and our city. 



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