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Why we worship in music

Jesus said that we are to worship God “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). As a church we believe that worship, along with the preaching of the Word, are the core essentials of meeting together on a Sunday.

We love to praise God with contemporary music and passionate hearts and dedicate the first part of our church gatherings to facilitate people to experience God through worship. Spiritual renewal and life transformation happen in heartfelt worship as the Holy Spirit’s anointing comes upon us.

What we do:

CentreChurch Worship Team comprises worship leaders, singers and musicians. The people on team for any Sunday come for rehearsal at 8.20am and 5pm before our services and also meet all together occasionally for special purposes.

We share a common commitment to be prepared an bring our best to each worship event.

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Sound, Lighting And Media

These ministries exist to help make the services run smoothly and effectively. They all work together to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere where people feel free to enter into worship.

What we do:

This ministry at CentreChurch involves sound for the worship team, creative lighting during the service and running the media side of the service and all visuals on the screen for the congregation to see.

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At CentreChurch we acknowledge God as the ultimate source of wholesome creativity. We believe he has strongly gifted certain individuals in this way to plan and enhance our gatherings to increase the positive impact of our Church upon people present with the love and truth of God so they leave services inspired!

What we do

Our CentreChurch Creative team meets regularly to discuss and implement creative ideas, charitable initiatives and surprise enjoyment within the context of our Sunday services and special events. This helps keep our services fresh, relevant, engaging and impactful.

The Creative team work closely with the Sound, Lighting and Media team, as well as Service Coordinators, in facilitating our Sunday services.

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